Dismissal & Withdrawal Policy


Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing (email or fax accepted) and will be processed immediately. Program Tuition Fee refunds owing to students will be paid within thirty (30) days of DMC receiving written notification of withdrawal (see Tuition Refund Policy for further information). A letter providing confirmation of withdrawal and any refund entitlement will be issued by DMC.

Dismissal Policy

A Student will receive notice of dismissal for any of the following reasons:

  1. Consistently showing a lack of effort (including but not limited to non-submission of assignments)
  2. Indicates any moral misconduct
  3. Continues to demonstrate an inability to understand the Montessori philosophy and its application
  4. Unprofessional behavior
  5. Instability with regard to performance as a teacher of children
  6. Inability to perform academic work successfully
  7. Poor attendance
  8. Non-payment of tuition or fees

Before dismissal is enforced, adult Learners may be placed on probation for one or more of the above reasons. If after one month the adult learners performance is still unsatisfactory, the dismissal procedure is enforced.

Decision of dismissal is based on the DMC instructor’s individual discretion, along with detailed documentation and confirmation from the Program Director. A refund of the Program Tuition Fee may apply as outlined under the Tuition Refund Policy. A letter providing confirmation of dismissal and any refund entitlement will be issued by DMC.

Note: If plagiarism is suspected, the DMC student status will be in jeopardy. If plagiarism is confirmed, the DMC Student Enrolment Contract will be terminated