Elementary Teacher Certification

Academic Phase

The academic phase includes lectures, demonstrations, dialogue, materials practice, small group projects, personal research presentations, seminars and curriculum development over a minimum period of one year.  Learners will be expected to complete 500 clock hours of classroom lecture, demonstration and independent research. Courses cover:

  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Language
  • History
  • Biological Sciences
  • Physical Sciences
  • Curriculum Design and Strategies
  • Classroom Leadership
  • Montessori Philosophy / Theory
  • Practical Life
  • Child Development
  • Movement and Physical Education
  • Fine Arts


The diploma requires that all adult learners complete an extensive practicum (i.e. teaching practice).  Each will complete 1080 hours of practicum: a minimum of six hours per day, five days a week for nine consecutive months under the supervision of a mentor teacher certified for Elementary. To begin the practicum phase, adult learners must have completed 60% of the academic phase.  Practicum sites must be pre-approved by DMC. Further details are in the handbook.


Adult learner will be evaluated based on a satisfactory completion of:

  • Nine-month practicum experience.
  • Portfolio Assessment
  • Yearlong project
  • Examinations
  • Assignments

The next Cohort starts Summer 2020