Infant-Toddler Teacher Certification

Academic Phase

The academic phase includes lectures, demonstrations, dialogue, materials practice, small group projects, personal research presentations, seminars and curriculum development over a minimum period of one year.  Learners will be expected to complete 566 clock hours of classroom lecture, demonstration and independent research. Courses cover:

  • Montessori Philosophy & Human Development
  • Environmental Management & Leadership
  • Curriculum and Environments
  • Community Involvement and Partnership With Parents
  • Observation
  • Early Childhood Overview


The diploma requires that all adult learners complete an extensive practicum (i.e. teaching practice).  Each will complete 540 hours of practicum for six consecutive months under the supervision of a mentor teacher certified for birth to three. To begin the practicum phase, adult learners must have completed 60% of the academic phase.  Practicum sites must be pre-approved by DMC. Further details are in the handbook.


Adult learner will be evaluated based on a satisfactory completion of:

  • Nine-month practicum experience.
  • Portfolio Assessment 
  • Yearlong project
  • Examinations

The next Cohort starts Summer 2020