Temporary Staffing

Disch Montessori Centre offers temporary staffing services designed to enable the client to respond to short-term temporary and/or flexible manpower needs with specific skill set requirements or for supplementing the workforce in a Montessori environment.

The following services will be available soon

  • Disch Montessori Centre recruits and trains employees to prepare them for work in a Montessori environment. Employees are assigned to the client’s workplace for a specific period of time.
  • Temporary-to-permanent services: We hire associates as temporary employees for a trial period of employment. After a satisfactory trial period, a client has the opportunity to add a temporary worker to its permanent staff; by moving the employee from our payroll to that of the client.

Advantages of Our Temping Services

  • The opportunity for schools to focus on their core area, which is learning
  • Flexibility of employment
  • Ease of recruitment and replacement
  • Long-term cost advantages